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ArtistWorks Guitar Courses

ArtistWorks Online Guitar Lessons

For aspiring guitarists, the dream is often to learn from the legends themselves. But scheduling lessons with renowned musicians can feel like an impossible feat. Enter ArtistWorks, an online guitar course platform that shatters this barrier.

This review delves into the world of ArtistWorks, where you get unprecedented access to a faculty of guitar giants. From shred mavericks like Paul Gilbert to blues icons like Joe Satriani, ArtistWorks allows you to learn directly from the masters themselves.

We’ll explore the platform’s unique features, course structures, and the magic of personalized feedback. Whether you’re a beginner yearning for a strong foundation or a seasoned player seeking to refine your skills, this review will equip you to decide if ArtistWorks can be your key to unlocking your guitar potential.

Basic info

Who are Artistworks online guitar courses for?

ArtistWorks caters to a wider range of guitarists compared to Jamorama, making it a good fit for several learning profiles.Here’s a breakdown:

Target Audience:

  • Beginners: Structured courses with clear explanations are available for those new to guitar.
  • Intermediate Players: A wealth of focused lessons and techniques cater to players looking to elevate their skills.
  • Advanced Players: Direct access to legendary instructors offers valuable insights and guidance for experienced guitarists.

Here’s why ArtistWorks might be a good fit:

  • You’re a complete beginner seeking a solid foundation from the ground up.
  • You’re an intermediate player looking to learn specific techniques or explore different styles.
  • You’re an advanced player seeking inspiration and guidance from guitar masters.
  • You crave personalized feedback to improve your playing.

Content and structure

What Makes ArtistWorks Special?

ArtistWorks goes beyond pre-recorded video lessons. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Learn from the Masters: The heart of ArtistWorks lies in its faculty. You get to learn directly from iconic guitarists like Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, and countless others, each a master of their specific genre.
  • Personalized Feedback System: This is a game-changer! ArtistWorks allows you to submit videos of yourself playing and receive personalized feedback directly from your chosen instructor. Imagine getting insights and corrections straight from a guitar legend!
  • Interactive Community: Connect with other students and instructors through the online forum, fostering a sense of community and motivation. Share your struggles, celebrate your victories, and learn from each other’s experiences.

What can you expect from Artistworks guitar courses?

ArtistWorks offers a rich curriculum designed to cater to various needs:

  • Wide Range of Styles: Explore various guitar styles like rock, blues, country, jazz, and classical. Each style is taught by a master of that specific genre, ensuring you learn the nuances from the best.
  • Beginner to Advanced Courses: Structured learning paths are available for all skill levels, ensuring a smooth progression from the basics to advanced techniques.
  • Technique-Specific Courses: Want to master fingerpicking or shred like a pro? Focused lessons delve deep into specific techniques to refine your playing.
  • Artist-Signature Songs: Learn iconic songs directly from the artists who created them. Gain valuable insights into their playing style and creative process as you dissect and master their masterpieces.

The platform utilizes a curated learning approach:

  • Structured Learning Paths: ArtistWorks recommends learning paths based on your skill level and goals, ensuring a focused learning experience.
  • Modular Lessons: Lessons are broken down into bite-sized modules with video demonstrations, clear explanations, downloadable PDFs, and backing tracks for practice.
  • Weekly Challenges and Assignments: The platform incorporates weekly challenges and assignments to keep you engaged, motivated, and help you track your progress.

Pros and cons


  • Legendary Instructors: Learn directly from iconic guitarists like Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert, each a master of their genre.
  • Personalized Feedback System: Get invaluable insights and corrections on your playing through video submissions reviewed by your chosen instructor.
  • Interactive Community: Connect with other students and instructors through the online forum for motivation and shared learning.
  • Wide Range of Styles: Explore various guitar styles like rock, blues, country, jazz, and classical, all taught by genre masters.
  • Structured Learning Paths: ArtistWorks recommends learning paths based on your skill level, ensuring a focused experience.
  • Modular Lessons: Bite-sized lessons with video demonstrations, clear explanations, downloadable materials, and backing tracks make learning manageable.
  • Weekly Challenges and Assignments: Stay engaged and track your progress with challenges and assignments.
  • Suitable for All Levels: Beginner, intermediate,


  • Subscription Model: ArtistWorks can be more expensive than some competitor platforms offering a one-time purchase.
  • Structured Approach: The platform encourages following recommended learning paths, which might not suit those who prefer a completely self-paced curriculum.
  • Limited Free Trial Options: Finding information about free trials or introductory offers can be challenging.

The verdict


If you’re a serious guitarist looking for a comprehensive and interactive learning experience, ArtistWorks is a compelling option. The chance to learn directly from guitar legends and receive personalized feedback makes it a truly unique platform. However, if you’re on a tight budget or prefer a completely self-paced approach with a one-time purchase option, you might want to explore other online guitar courses.

Ultimately, ArtistWorks empowers you to unlock your guitar potential under the guidance of masters. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps or a seasoned player seeking to refine your skills, ArtistWorks offers a path to elevate your guitar journey.

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