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Chick Corea Academy

Chick Corea Academy

The passing of the legendary Chick Corea left an irreplaceable void in the world of music. His innovative spirit,unparalleled technique, and profound musicality continue to inspire countless musicians. The Chick Corea Academy is a testament to his enduring legacy, offering aspiring pianists a unique opportunity to delve into the mind of a genius.

This review invites you on a journey through the digital classrooms of this academy. We will explore the curriculum,teaching methodologies, and overall experience of learning from a master musician, even in his absence. Is the academy truly capable of imparting the essence of Corea’s artistry? Does it provide the tools and inspiration needed to foster musical growth?

Join us as we uncover the secrets behind this virtual sanctuary for pianists, and discover if it lives up to the extraordinary standards set by its namesake.

Basic info

Who is this course for?

  • Jazz enthusiasts: Deepen your understanding of jazz harmony, improvisation, and composition.
  • Music theory students: Gain practical application of music theory concepts.
  • Those seeking musical inspiration: Immerse yourself in the creative world of Chick Corea.
  • Music educators: Find innovative teaching methods and materials.

Content and structure

Core Content Areas

  • Piano Technique: Covers finger exercises, hand independence, scales, arpeggios, and other foundational skills.
  • Harmony and Voicing: Explore chord progressions, inversions, and voicings in various styles.
  • Improvisation: Develop improvisational skills through exercises and playing over chord changes.
  • Composition: Learn about music theory, arranging, and creating original compositions.
  • Rhythm and Time: Focuses on developing a strong sense of rhythm and timing.
  • Jazz Piano: Specific workshops delve into jazz harmony, voicings, and improvisation.

Courses Structure

  • Video Lessons: High-quality video recordings of Chick Corea and potentially other instructors.
  • Exercises: Interactive exercises to practice concepts learned in the lessons.
  • Play-Along Tracks: Backing tracks to practice improvisation and accompaniment.
  • Community Forum: Opportunities to interact with other students and instructors.

Pros and cons


  • Direct Access to a Master’s Wisdom: Learning from a legendary pianist like Chick Corea is invaluable for any musician.
  • In-Depth Curriculum: The academy offers a comprehensive approach to piano playing, covering technique, theory,improvisation, and composition.
  • Flexibility: Online learning allows students to learn at their own pace and convenience.
  • Preserved Legacy: The academy ensures that Corea’s musical knowledge and philosophy are preserved for future generations.


  • Limited Interaction: While video lessons are informative, they lack the immediate feedback and interaction of live instruction.
  • Self-Discipline Required: Online learning demands self-motivation and time management skills.
  • Cost: The workshops can be relatively expensive compared to traditional piano lessons.
  • Limited Personalization: The curriculum might not cater to every individual’s learning style or goals.

The verdict


The Chick Corea Academy offers a unique opportunity to learn from one of the greatest pianists of all time. While it provides valuable insights and a comprehensive curriculum, its effectiveness may vary depending on individual learning styles and preferences. For dedicated pianists seeking to delve deep into the world of jazz and music theory, the academy can be an inspiring and rewarding experience. However, those who thrive on immediate feedback and personalized instruction might find traditional learning methods more suitable. Ultimately, the decision to enroll in the Chick Corea Academy should be based on careful consideration of one’s learning goals and expectations.

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