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SaxTuition Online Saxophone Lessons

Have you ever dreamt of filling a room with the soulful melodies of the saxophone? Perhaps you unearthed a dusty instrument from the attic, or maybe the smoky allure of jazz has ignited a musical spark. Whatever your reason, learning the saxophone can be a rewarding journey, but traditional lessons can be expensive and time-consuming.

This review delves into SaxTuition, an online saxophone course designed to empower aspiring musicians like you. We’ll explore the course structure, teaching style, and the valuable resources offered by SaxTuition. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a musician seeking to brush up on your skills, this review will equip you with the knowledge to decide if SaxTuition is the key to unlocking your saxophone potential.

Basic info

Who is this course for?

SaxTuition seems like a good fit for a few different saxophone learners:

  • Absolute Beginners: With their clear and well-structured lessons, SaxTuition seems like a solid option for those with no prior musical experience.

  • Self-motivated Learners: The course is designed for independent learners who can follow instructions and practice regularly. There’s no live interaction with the instructor, so you’ll need to be able to manage your own learning pace.

  • Budget-Conscious Students: Compared to traditional in-person lessons, SaxTuition offers a more affordable way to learn the saxophone, especially at the beginner level.

However, SaxTuition might not be ideal for everyone:

  • Those Seeking In-Depth Feedback: If you crave personalized feedback and guidance from a teacher, SaxTuition might be lacking. While the “Supercharged Saxophone” option offers video critiques, it’s not the same as ongoing one-on-one lessons.

  • Advanced Players: If you already have a solid foundation on the saxophone and are looking to refine your technique or explore specific genres, SaxTuition might be too basic.

Content and structure

SaxTuition offers a comprehensive Beginner Series that serves as the foundation of the program. Over 12 video lessons,totaling more than 3 hours, cover the fundamentals of saxophone playing. You’ll learn proper posture, embouchure (mouth placement), fingering techniques, and how to produce a clear, consistent sound. The course progresses at a steady pace,introducing new notes and techniques gradually.

The video lessons are accompanied by a downloadable e-book that serves as a valuable companion. It includes written explanations, fingering charts, sheet music for exercises and songs, and additional tips. SaxTuition also provides over 200 play-along backing tracks, allowing you to practice with a full band sound, making learning more engaging and enjoyable.

Teaching Style

Jeremy Trezona, the instructor behind SaxTuition, adopts a friendly and approachable teaching style. The lessons are clear, concise, and well-organized. Jeremy demonstrates techniques visually and breaks them down into manageable steps. While there’s no live interaction with the instructor, the course offers a wealth of information presented in a way that’s easy to understand, even for complete beginners.

Additional Resources

SaxTuition offers a few additional resources to enhance your learning experience. Their YouTube channel contains various helpful tutorials, gear reviews, and tips beyond the core curriculum. They also have a blog with articles on saxophone maintenance, practice techniques, and overcoming common challenges.

Pros and cons


  • Structured and Clear Learning: The course is well-organized with step-by-step video lessons and a companion e-book, making it easy for beginners to follow.

  • Affordable: Compared to traditional lessons, SaxTuition offers a significantly cheaper way to learn saxophone,especially at the beginner level.

  • Self-Paced Learning: The course allows you to learn at your own pace and revisit lessons as needed.

  • Comprehensive Content: The Beginner Series covers all the fundamentals of saxophone playing, including posture,fingering, embouchure, and music theory basics.

  • Play-Along Tracks: Over 200 backing tracks make practicing more engaging and keep you motivated.

  • Additional Resources: The YouTube channel and blog offer helpful tutorials, tips,


  • Limited Feedback: SaxTuition lacks live interaction with the instructor. While the “Supercharged Saxophone” option provides video critiques, it’s not the same as ongoing personalized feedback.

  • Not for Advanced Players: If you have a strong foundation on the saxophone, SaxTuition might be too basic and not cater to your needs.

  • Self-Motivation Required: The course is designed for independent learners who can manage their own practice routines.

The verdict


SaxTuition is a well-structured and informative online course that can effectively guide you on your saxophone journey,especially if you’re a beginner or on a budget. However, if you crave in-depth, personalized feedback or are already an advanced player, you might want to explore other options. Ultimately, the best way to decide if SaxTuition is right for you is to try it out yourself. Many online courses offer free sample lessons, so you can experience the teaching style and content firsthand before committing.

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