The Vocalist Studio

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The Vocalist Studio Course

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Robert Lunte


Video, E-book


175+ Video lessons, 350 bonus video lessons, E-book


More than 40 hours




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The Vocalist Studio is a project by professional voice coach Robert Lunte. In the course, you will find more than 175+ quality video lessons where Robert will explain how to work properly with the voice, practice individual voice techniques, sing without pressure, or move smoothly between voice positions.

It is a comprehensive educational program for everyone serious about singing. In addition to the video course and bonus lessons, you can also buy Lunte’s book The 4 Pillars Of Singing, which is one of the most successful in its category. Robert Lunte also offers private online lessons on The Vocalist Studio website.

You will learn how to:

  • Train your voice
  • Switch smoothly between voice positions
  • Sing without a pressure
  • Strengthen your voice
  • Make your voice sounding like a pro

The 4 Pillar Video Course contains more than 170 lessons divided into 14 modules:

  • MODULE 1 – Preparing for your training (11 lessons)
  • MODULE 2 – Techniques and mythbusting (23 lessons)
  • MODULE 3 – The Vocalist Studio methodology (11 lessons)
  • MODULE 4 – The onsets (11 lessons)
  • MODULE 5 – Physical modes (10 lessons)
  • MODULE 6 – Acoustic modes (12 lessons)
  • MODULE 7 – Vocal effects (8 lessons)
  • MODULE 8 – The importance of proper warm-up exercise (14 lessons)
  • MODULE 9 – Training onsets (8 lessons)
  • MODULE 10 – Further training onsets and sirens (16 lessons)
  • MODULE 11 – Training singer-cizing (12 lessons)
  • MODULE 12 – Intermediate training demonstrations (21 lessons)
  • MODULE 13 – Advanced training demonstrations (20 lessons)
  • MODULE 14 – BONUS LESSONS (350+ videos)

The 4 Pillar Singing book (it is included in the De Luxe set)

Robert Lunte is a well-known singer coach based in the US. He learned to sing with top teachers, including the legend of David.P Kyle (who trained singers such as Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, Geoff Tate of Queensrÿche, Layne Staley of Alice In Chains, and many others).
Robert used his experience in The 4 Pillars Of Singing, which became a bestseller in its category.

Robert has taught singing in 12 countries in master classes and has received several important awards for his work. He transferred the knowledge from his book to video and created The Vocalist Studio course, which followed the success of the book. This comprehensive course teaches students all vocal techniques and makes amateurs professional singers.

  • Free 8-days vocal training $0.00
  • Payment Plan $109.00 / course (3 monthly payments)
  • One Payment $299.00 / course (Paid once)
  • DeLuxe $397.00 / course+The 4 Pillar Singing book


The Vocalist Studio course is a great option for those who:

  • Want to sing like a pro
  • Want to learn from one of the best vocal coaches
  • Like to sing popular music
  • Want to master all vocal techniques