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Uke Like The Pros is a unique learning program for all who love the ukulele. The founder of this platform, Terry Carter, is one of the recognized educators and professional ukulele players. His program contains courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced ukulele players. The learning process is very logical, flexible and well organized.

You will learn various techniques of playing the instrument, playing songs and you will become the part of a large ukulele player community. The platform offers membership according to the skill levels, and the option to purchase individual courses separately.

You will learn how to:

  • Learn ukulele step-by-step
  • Use different techniques of playing the instrument
  • Play your favorite music
  • Exercise properly
  • Develop rhythm and playing with both hands
  • Use music theory and reading

Play Like The Pros contains:

MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP (Ideal for beginners)

  • 200+ lessons (Beginning Bootcamp, Master the ukulele 1, Master class, Workshops)
  • New content added every week
  • Weekly video call
  • Free Uke Like The Pros T-shirt

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP (Ideal for intermediate and advanced players)

  • Over 300+ lessons (Master ukulele 1,2, Baritone ukulele course, 23 ultimate chords course,…
  • New content added every week
  • Weekly video call
  • Sale coupons from ukulele producers
  • Access to PLTP community forum
  • Downable sheet music and backing tracks

Terry Carter is a professional ukulele player, producer, teacher and founder of Uke Like The Pro. During his career, he has worked with well-known musicians such as Weezer, Josh Grobam, Robby Krieger (Doors), Duff McKagan (Guns n ‘Roses), The Los Angeles Philharmonic and many others. Terry has written several educational books about the ukulele. In his studio, he also composes and produces music for TV. He has taught at several universities such as The University of Southern California, San Diego State University and Santa Monica College.

  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Standard membership: $12.99 / month (and a possibility to buy additional courses separately) 
  • Premium membership: $188 / year, or $19.95 / monthly
  • Moneyback guarantee: Cancel anytime


Uke Like The Pros is a great option for those who:

  • Start with ukulele
  • Intermediate and advanced players
  • Want to improve their technique
  • Want to learn from one of the best ukulele players
  • Want to play chords, rhythm, scales and songs
  • Want to know how to play different styles
  • Would like to interact with a large community of ukulele players