TalkingBass online course


Price: $29.99/course
Level: Beginner, intermediate, advanced
Style: blues, funk, rock, jazz
Free lessons: 300+
About: TalkingBass offers hundreds of free learning material for bass guitarists of all levels. Paid courses go deeper and teach new skills you step-by-step.

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BassBuzz bass guitar online lessons


Price: 5x $39.97
Level: Beginner, intermediate
Style: rock, pop, blues, funk, metal
Free lessons: YES
About: This comprehensive course contains 30 hours of step-by-step lessons and backing tracks. You are going to learn how to play the bass guitar correctly and jam with a band.

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Yousician app cover


Price: $9.99/month
Level: Beginner, intermediate
Style: pop, blues, classic
Free trial: 7 days
About: Thanks to Yousician, people can learn to play the piano, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, or singing, with having fun. The app works with iOs and Android, and on desktops(PC, Mac).

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