How Much Does Jamplay Cost? Get Your Discount!

How much does Jamplay cost?

Do you want to know how much does Jamplay cost? If yes, you’re in the right place. In this post, you will learn what the pricing options are and which of them will be the most advantageous for you. These popular online guitar lessons are a more affordable alternative to private lessons as well as an online guitar teacher.

In addition to hundreds of guitar courses focused on a specific musical style, you can choose lessons in improvisation, ear training, solo guitar, 12-string guitar, or tutorials for many songs. If you take advantage of our discount, you will have access to them at an even better price.

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Jamplay Cost + Discount Options

Jamplay is a membership-type website. There are several types of subscriptions to choose from:

Jamplay cost and discount

As you can see, an annual subscription is the most cost-effective. For an even better price, you can also take advantage of the Jamplay Coupon Code for a 10% discount for all types of subscriptions or a 25% discount for the first month. For those who won’t be satisfied because of any reason, Jamplay offers 30 days 100% money-back guarantee.

Jamplay Coupon

Click here for 10% OFF for any membership packages

It applies for annual, monthly, and PRO level subscription 


Click here to apply 25% OFF coupon for the first month

This discount applies for monthly membership. After the first month, you will pay the regular price ($19.95/month).

Get Your Free Trial

Thanks to 30 days FREE TRIAL, it is possible to try everything that Jamplay has to offer. A month seems like a long enough time for you to test how the learning process works and all the features. You will have unlimited access to all courses from the regular subscription program.

Click here to start your Jamplay 30 Days FREE TRIAL

Jamplay Toolkits

These are packages of lessons, jamtracks, and learning materials focused on different skills. Jamplay toolkits will help you gain specific experience from the playing of blues, rock, country, bluegrass, or fingerstyle.

Besides, they offer a comprehensive curriculum for beginners, acoustic, or electric guitar players.

With the annual subscription, you have the option to choose one of the eight Jamplay toolkits. If you opt for Jamply PRO, in addition to all guitar courses from regular memberships, you will also receive access to all eight packages:

Jamplay toolkits - Home studio

The 2020 practice plan

Many guitarists don’t know exactly how to practice and run from one thing to another. The 2020 practice plan is a practical guide that will help you gain new experiences with the guitar gradually and logically. It contains 103 lessons and 79 jamtracks.

Gear, tone & studio

A guide for guitarists who want to record their music. You will learn how to produce your recordings and use the software appropriately.  

Modes, melody & theory

If you have the ambition to learn to improvise, to create your melodies and songs, this pack is for you.

Blues & Rock

A comprehensive program for learning these interconnected styles. Learn blues and rock riffs and genre-specific techniques.

Acoustic learning

This package offers step-by-step video lessons and background tracks for acoustic guitar beginners, or those who can’t move for a long time.

Electric learning

If you prefer an electric guitar and want to improve specific playing techniques, try this course. You will learn how to create great solos and improve the sound.

Country and bluegrass

Practice typical bluegrass and country techniques with quality Jamplay tracks! With this lesson package, you will learn the basics of playing both of these styles.

Fingerstyle & Americana

Learn to play folk and fingerstyle in American style. 58 lessons and 35 jamtracks from this package will help you with that.

Is Jamplay Worth It?

If you compare how much does Jamplay cost, and how much you normally pay for private guitar lessons, you have your answer. Even though online lessons lack a personal attempt, as long as you have motivation and perseverance, you can make great progress with Jamplay. If you add 30 days free trial and 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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