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11 Best Online Piano Courses For Adults in 2020

11 Best Online Piano Courses For Adults

If you are looking for the best online piano courses, you may be confused. There are dozens of different online piano lessons and it is not easy to find your way around them. Therefore, I come up with this article. Although there are a number of quality online piano courses for adults, I will try to introduce you to the ones I consider most relevant.

There are no sites with online lessons with a teacher on this list, but pre-prepared piano courses based on video lessons and interactive piano apps. I tried to choose the best online piano learning products that are specific in some way.

Most of them are designed especially for adults, beginners, and intermediate pianists, but you will also find courses for advanced musicians here. Firstly, let’s start with a short summary of top courses. Secondly, we will look at all of them in more detail, and finally, you can consider the benefits and disadvantages of online music learning.

My Pick Of Top Online Piano Courses



3 premium online piano courses for adults teaching you a specific style: pop, classic, or jazz piano.

ArtistWorks logo


ArtistWorks is a music education site known mainly for the quality of instructors. They offer 3 piano courses focused on different musical styles:

1. Pop piano with Hugh Sung

2. Classical Piano with Christie Peery

3. Jazz Piano with George Whitty

I recommend ArtistWorks piano courses because of the high content quality of video lessons. The possibility to send a video for the instructor’s review is also a big plus. Personally, I took The Jazz piano course with George Whitty and I was impressed. Despite all three courses contain also lessons for beginners, I think ArtistWorks suits better for intermediate musicians.



The most affordable piano lessons for beginners

Pianoforall logo green


I conclude Pianoforall to the list of the best online piano courses, mainly because of a great price-performance ratio. If you are looking for piano lessons for a reasonable price, Pianoforall is a good choice. Most online piano learning products are based on a monthly or annual membership. Pianoforall is a one-time payment course under $40. Moreover, the producer offers a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee.

I recommend Pianoforall because of a great price-performance ratio. This downloadable course combines video tutorials with E-books and audio materials focused on beginners. However, intermediate students can also find here new things to learn.

Playground Session


The most comprehensive piano learning app for desktop and iPad

Playground Session logo


Playground Session excels among other piano learning apps with quality video tutorials, many interactive functions, and the quality of the arrangements. Step-by-step video lessons are combined here with learning music theory and playing hundreds of songs of different styles.

When using Playground Session, I enjoyed both step-by-step courses and practicing popular songs. While playing, I can see whether I play correctly or not. It is possible to set the tempo, turn-on/off hand parts, or chose a specific part of the song. 

Best Online Piano Courses 2020 Overview

1. ArtistWorks Piano


TYPE: Video based piano course


LEVEL: Beginner, intermediate, advanced


STYLE: Classical, pop, jazz

PRICE: 12 months: $279, 6 months: $179, 3 months: $105

It is probably the most well-known platform in the field of online music education because of courses from world-renowned musicians.

The stylish division of individual courses facilitates the choice, especially for musicians who know what they want to learn. The content quality of video lessons is at a very high level and is logically divided.

Moreover, ArtistWorks piano courses are created by top pianists, who will give you not only new skills but also a lot of inspiration. As a web-based solution, compatibility with PC, Mac, and all mobile devices is a matter of course.

The learning process is more efficient due to looping and slow-motion functions. The ArtistWorks Video Exchange Learning platform allows you to upload videos for review by a tutor, which is a great way to get feedback.

Pianists have a choice of 3 courses: Popular Piano with Hugh Sung, Jazz piano with George Whitty, and Classical piano with Christine Peery.

World-class lectors

Content quality

Slow-motion and loop function

Submit your video for review

3 price options

Higher price

Not ideal for beginners

2. Flowkey


TYPE: App/software


LEVEL: Beginner, intermediate


STYLE: Pop, classical, rock, blues

PRICE: 12 months: $9.99/mo, 3 months: $12.99/mo, 1 month: $19.99/mo, Lifetime: $299.99

Flowkey is a very well designed application for learning the piano. It is an easy, user-friendly, and useful application (iOs, Android, and desktop) for piano beginners and intermediates.

Advanced functionality includes loop optionslow down or speed up playback, and hand-selected exercises. As a result, you can adapt your practice according to your pace and needs.

The app contains more than 60 lessons with technical practices, music theory, and a library of 1500+ songs of several genres, such as pop, classical, film music, jazz, and evergreens.

Flowkey will be appreciated mainly by those who want to learn to play popular songs. Thanks to the easy-to-use interface, this app is also popular among teens and older children.

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Genre variability

Easy-to-follow lessons

Slow motion mode, wait mode

Library with over 1500 songs

No metronome

Missing fingering, dynamics and articulation

3. Hear And Play


TYPE: Video based piano course


LEVEL: Beginner, intermediate, advanced


STYLE: Gospel, jazz

PRICE: Downloadable courses $65.00, Jazz Intensive Training Center: $25.00/month, or $240.00/year, Gospel Music Training Center: $37.00/mo

For pianists who prefer gospel, jazz, funk, and Latin, Hear And Play is one of the best options. The content is extensive and well prepared.

Moreover, all lessons are prepared by dozens of experienced pianists. They can both teach you new piano skills, as well as inspire you. As a result, you are going to have comprehensive training in gospel and jazz piano.

You can choose one-time downloadable courses or a jazz and gospel training center based on a monthly membership. In addition to the video lessons themselves, educational software such as a Back pocket band, Ear tutor, or Instant transposer is available.

Learning works in the form of watch and repeat, which also has the advantage of ear training. Hear And Play also offers dozens of free piano lessons.

Great for gospel and jazz fans

Complex learning program

Play by ear system

Large community of students

Only for jazz and gospel

4. Pianoforall


TYPE: Video based piano course

COMPATIBILITY: PC, Mac, iOs, Android

LEVEL: Beginner, intermediate


STYLE: Pop, blues, country, 

PRICE: $39.00/Lifetime

If you are looking for an affordable piano course for beginners and intermediate, Pianoforall is a reasonable choice. The chord-based system is effective if your goal is to play popular music and if you want to learn to improvise.

The course contains 200 video lessons, and more than 500 audio lessons, which are part of 9 E-books. The step-by-step system is logically designed and includes a balanced mix of real songs, exercises, and music theory.

You progress from easy tasks to more complex ones. From the beginning of the course, you will play real songs and train your ears. 

Affordable price (one-time payment)

Step-by-step learning process

Chord-based system

Offline access

Limited functionality

Not possible to choose a song you want to learn

5. Playground Session


TYPE: App/Software


LEVEL: beginner, intermediate, advanced


STYLE: Pop, soul, R&Bclassical, TV/movie music

PRICE: $9.99/mo (billed annually), $17.99/mo (billed monthly), $289.99/Lifetime access

Playground Session is one of the best online piano courses for adults because of its complexity. This popular online learning program is co-created by Quincy Jones, a legendary producer, and musician.

Except for a skilled piano tutor David Sides, who collaborated with several pop stars, there are also lessons with jazz legend Harry Connick, JrInteractive way of practice is educational, but also funny and addictive.

Visual control of correctly and incorrectly played notes is a great tool. Playground Session contains a rich database of songs and lessons for intermediate pianists. 

You will also enjoy bonus courses focused on piano technique and note reading. Playground Session works great with iPad, PC, or Mac. 

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Functionality and practice modes

Arrangements and sound quality

Step-by-step courses combining video lessons with exercises

Audio setting options 

A limited number of songs in premium account

6. Udemy Piano Courses

TYPE: Video based courses

COMPATIBILITY: PC, Mac, iOs, Android

LEVEL: Beginner, intermediate, advanced


STYLE: Pop, blues, classical, jazz

PRICE: $0 – $150.00/course


Udemy is probably the most famous educational portal with a huge number of courses from various fields. There are more than 2300 courses for pianists alone: over 1000 online piano courses for beginners, more than 400 for intermediate, and 40 for experts.

Everyone can create their course at Udemy, therefore their quality and relevance fluctuate. However, you can use a filter that allows you to select piano lessons by rating, popularity, level, duration, topic, or price.

For each course, you also see user reviews, the number of students, and lessons. These are also factors you can consider.

As for the price, you will find more than 80 free courses here while the others range somewhere between $ 18.99 to $ 150.00.

High number of courses

Courses focused on particular topics

Clear learning system

Low price

Different quality of courses

Many not-so-skilled instructors

7. Tonebase


TYPE: Video based courses

COMPATIBILITY: PC, Mac, iOs, Android

LEVEL: (beginner), intermediate, advanced


STYLE: Classical

PRICE: Yearly: $239.00 ($19.95/mo), Monthly $29.00/mo, Lifetime: $495.00 

Tonebase is a site offering premium classical piano courses. These are created by 70 top instructors by world-renowned institutions like Juilliardthe Eastman School of Music, or the Johns Hopkins Peabody Conservatory.

tonebase has very good reviews and more than 25,000 students. It is so thanks to the very high lesson’s quality and features such as dynamic video playersynchronized scoreslesson outlines, and multi-angle videos.

If you decide to try tonebase, you can watch free lessons or take 14 days trial. With a Premium account, you get access to all more than 200 video lessons, PDF material, interviews, and personalized feedback. tonebase is a great option especially for intermediate pianists who want to improve their playing of classical music.

High-quality lessons and courses

Courses made by 70 world-renowned pianists

Multi-angle videos

Printable PDF materials

Synchronized scores

Only for classical music

8. Pianote


TYPE: Video based courses

COMPATIBILITY: PC, Mac, iOs, Android

LEVEL: beginner, intermediate


STYLE: Pop, blues, worship

PRICE: Yearly membership: $197.00, or particular courses: $36-$99/course

Pianote also has its place among the best online piano courses for adults. This very-well designed website offers a piano program for beginners who want to focus on popular genres. Lisa Witt is an experienced instructor who teaches new knowledge with enthusiasm and interest. The popularity of her learning style is evidenced by the number of subscribers on her Youtube channel (620,000+) and Instagram (82,000).

Pianote offers 100 step-by-step lessons. They will teach you technique, lots of songs, music theory, sightreading, and the basics of songwriting. The advantage of this comprehensive view of learning is not only to improve piano playing but also overall musicality.

In addition to Lisa, there are other experienced piano instructors in Pianote.
In conclusion, except for a comprehensive curriculum, you will get access to live lessons and personal reviews and feedback with a premium account.

Step-by-step lessons

Chord-based song learning

Enthusiastic approach

Students forum

Personal feedback

Not for classical music fans

No interactive functions

9. Piano Marvel


TYPE: App/Software


LEVEL: beginner, intermediate, advanced


STYLE: Classical, pop, movie&TV

PRICE: Annual membership: $110.99/year (9.25/mo), Monthly membership: $15.99/mo 

This modern educational software is designed for beginners and intermediate pianists. It works on PC, Mac, and as an iPad application. 

You will appreciate the beginner piano lessons for adults, which will gradually guide you through the basics of piano playing as well as a library of more than 10,000 songs and exercises.

Visual keyboard diagrams allow you to see if you are playing well or wrong. The software also has a reporting function where you can find details about your progress.

All lessons are also available in PDF format. With Piano Marvel, you will learn how to read sheet music, harmonize, and play many of your favorite piano compositions.

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10 000+ songs, piano compositions, and exercises

Advanced functionality

Practice modes

Printable sheets

Sound could be better

Not for Android

10. Open Studio


TYPE: Video based course

COMPATIBILITY: PC, Mac, iOs, Android

LEVEL: Beginner, intermediate, advanced



PRICE: Membership: $360/year ($30/mo), or 40/mo, or particular courses: $77-$129

If you are looking for the best online piano courses for adults focused on jazz, you can’t miss Open Studio. This website offers high-end jazz piano, double bass, and trumpet courses. The instructor for jazz piano lessons is Peter Martin. He is a top jazz player who has performed with Christian McBride, Joshua Redman, Dianne Reeves, Ellis Marsalis, and many others.

Peter’s course will teach you to play jazz from the ground up, understand the theory, and know how to use it in practice. Moreover, you are going to learn jazz improvisation and arranging.

You can try a membership program, or purchase individual courses. These are focusing on individual elements of the jazz piano.

High-quality jazz piano course

Great instructor

Learn jazz from ground up

Content and video quality

Higher price

11. Piano With Willie


TYPE: Video based course

COMPATIBILITY: PC, Mac, iOs, Android

LEVEL: Beginner, intermediate, advanced


STYLE: Pop, funk, jazz

PRICE: Membership: $299/year ($24.9/mo), or 29.97/mo

Willie Myette is a professional pianist and a graduate of Berklee College of Music. His online course focuses on jazz piano, blues, and funk from basic to advanced techniques.

This learning program allows you to choose between individual courses or monthly membership.  

With a large selection of lessons and a price-performance ratio, Piano With Willie is a reasonable choice for those who search for online piano courses for adults focused on pop, jazz, and blues music.

3500+ video lessons

Experienced lector and educator

Very well structured content

Not for classical musicians

Best Online Piano Courses Benefits

If you are asking wether online piano courses are the best way to learn piano for adults, or if they are a good alternative to traditional face-to-face lessons, the answer is… well, it depends. 

  • Firstly, some scientific studies compared online learning with in-person education.Their results were confusing. For instance, research from Johnson & Wales University found that 56% of respondents have a positive perception of online education, but only 22% would complete the course if they had the opportunity.
  • Secondly, it is an indisputable fact that online education in general offers many advantages. But they also have several cons, such as the absence of social relationships and personal approach.
  • Thirdly, the basic difference is in motivation. A student who studies school online to complete it has a different motivation than, for example, a guy who initiatively chooses an online piano course to learn what he enjoys. As a result, it seems that thanks to higher motivation, a student who learns what he likes online, can reach his goal faster and more smoothly.

Let’s now summarize the advantages and disadvantages of online piano courses:

Best online piano courses

Skilled instructors

Learn at anytime

Affordable price

Variety of music styles

You decide about pace of your progress

Absence of personal approach

Not proper for learning piano technique

Private lessons

Different skills of lectors

Set time for piano lesson

Higher price

Classical music preferred

The teacher influences the progress pace

Personal approach

Better for learning piano technique

Specifics Of Online Piano Courses For Adults

All mentioned best online piano courses are ideal for adults. It is because they can set up a learning system by themselves. For example, they need to decide how to combine technique-focused courses with playing songs, music theory, and sight-reading. On the other hand, children do not yet know how to adjust the learning process. So someone must pay attention to them while learning online.


I hope this overview of the 11 best online piano courses for adults has been beneficial for you. If you can’t decide which online lessons are ideal for you, try to consider and compare several factors: skill level, your preferred style, learning system (app vs. video-based piano course), and price. The good news is that all these online piano courses for adults offer either free sample lessons, free lessons, or free trial, and a money-back guarantee, so you can try them out without risk.